Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Commission Quest - Stylist magazine - Part 2

1.) Identify a magazine that you personally love (which your boyfriend is duty bound to pick up for you on his way home from work!) and that prides itself on original and different front covers = Stylist magazine. Begin elaborate plan to get your work featured in the publication or at least get you noticed!

 2.) Create a bespoke front cover in your hand drawn illustrative style, taking your trusty fineliner on an adventure to capture all the wonderful things that Stylist covers, everything from fashion and film to travel and beauty tips. Scan into Photoshop and add pops of bright, fresh colour to reflect the nearing of Spring/Summer and to catch the eye of the Art Director!

3.) Design a beautifully penned logo containing your all important contact information and hope it will come in handy for the lovely people at Stylist magazine!

4.) Put together to create a beautiful magazine cover ready for printing that will eventually contain a witty and charming letter to the Art Director all about your work and why they should commission you!

I'll be back with an update on said letter and the finished bespoke magazine to send on its merry way to the Stylist offices.

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