Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Commission Quest - Stylist magazine - Part 3

5.) Compose a friendly and gently persuasive letter to the art editor championing your work and suggesting that it would be a wonderful idea for them to commission you. Decide to take the magazine format one step further and make the letter into the pages of the magazine. Take into Photoshop to add borders, page numbers etc to give a suitably professional finish.

6.) Think of a way of telling the art editor a little more about yourself and conveying your personality in a fun and dynamic way. Decide to echo Stylists last page format of a Q&A interview, make yourself the interviewee and relax because of the guarantee that there will be no difficult questions because you're also the interviewer! 

7.) Send your files to the friendly local printers and have your piece trimmed, folded and stapled into your very own magazine! Face a minor setback, when you proudly show your bespoke illustrated Stylist to a family member who finds a single typo on the last page! Immediately know you can't possibly send a flawed piece of work after all the graft you have put into it and send it back to the printers mistake free. Remind yourself to always get someone else to proof read your work in the future!

8.) Carefully put the magazine into a white padded envelope and neatly display the address on the front. Take to the post office and send it on its first class recorded journey to the Stylist offices and hope that it arrives safe and sound. Feel satisified that you have done as much as possible to get yourself noticed and simply wait and see what happens.

Of course I will keep you posted on any news. Until then keep your fingers crossed for me! 

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